Monday, April 11, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaways

Open To USA + International
Contest ends 4/30
winners will be posted on blog on 5/1.


Tweet this giveaway and get 5 extra entries (no limit)

EX: Win Kiss My Face # giveaway



Unknown said...

I REALLY want to win this! My faceis currently healing from me picking my face. I been doing good so far, but now im working on fading and evening out my skintone. I know I use pure olive oil and masks twice a week. I would like to add some more products to my regimen.

Vanessa said...

I'd really love to win the prizes in the giveaway!I don't currently and I've also never tried any skin care products, EVER. And I've just always washed my face with water and nothing else. But I think it's time to start cleansers and toners and stuff because my face is starting to break out a bit. My YT username is Nessie2015 and my Twitter username is Ness2015. And I retweeted your giveaways a number of times. Thanks!

Helena said...

Id like this cuz i have oily skin and i have acne. Ive had acne for 7 years and its so embarrassing Everyone in my class has clear skin and when my friend has just one spot! she says she looks does she think i feel with loads of them! it makes me sad and upset sometimes i just cry when i look in the mirror Ive got scars on my face and little indents or whatever on my forehead i also have red marks which are hard to cover up, i would be so grateful if i could win this, thanks <3


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