Friday, April 29, 2011

Events: Chico's Fall Preview

S1110009I was so glad to know that the Secret Silk Utility Shirt came in my size and looked fabulous on as well. The cuffed sleeves are perfect and the soft texture of the blouse is priceless.
S1110011  When you try this blouse on you will definitely love and it comes in a variety of shades so you can always get a style that pops!


image enlargement

image enlargement

image enlargement

Heida Necklace



Chloey Bibb Necklace

Gold and Corals are key colors to bring out styles and it gives the best glowing look.
S1060002 S1060003 S1060004 S1060005

Olina Bracelet

I love the earrings and bracelet combo it’s perfect for a all white outfit!

S1060006 S1060007 S1060008 S1060009 S1060010
This clutch is a great addition to add with a simple look, it gives it a classic touch!
The dramatic effect of bold colors and huge pieces are glamorous and can be rocked at any age.

Special thanks to Shannon Welch and Michelle Lockhart of LAFORCE + STEVENS for the invite.  Much thanks to Jessica Wells for giving me the scoop on the new accessories from Chico’s. I had a amazing time, look forward to seeing the video as well!

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