Monday, March 28, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Accessories

The Joan Rivers Collection



Joan Rivers Multiple Hearts Charm Bib 17"Necklace/Ext


This look comes in 4 varieties of fabulous, it’s young and fresh and also can be a great look for a sophisticated look. It comes in silver, a coral and a deep shiny black.



Joan Rivers Colored & Hammered Rings 42" Necklace/3"Ext


This trendy style is a great accessory to pair with your jeans or summer floral looks. The coral shade is very popular but this style does come in white and teal for a bolder statement.


Joan Rivers Dewdrop Pendant on 18" Chain w/3" Extender


Looking to add some glitz on a small budget, this glam but simple jewel is a showstopper. It can add to a LBD and also add more attraction to a glitzy look.



Joan Rivers Chic Chain Wrapped Pendant on 18" Chain w/3"ext


This massive stone wrapped with gold chains is definitely a golden look. It’s seasonal so you can rock it as long as you love the style.

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