Monday, February 28, 2011

Trends: Sexy LBD

Get to know your style in a LBD and rock it all the way. From flirtatious to classy to sexy to chic. A LBD dress can never be out done.

A product thumbnail of Intoxicating Ingenue Dress
Intoxicating Ingénue Dress
This ruffle detail is a great dress for a night out in your favorite heels. It’s also a good style to cover up if you are top heavy. The look is flirty and the vibe of it will keep you dancing all night.

A product thumbnail of One Knit Wonder Dress
One Knit Wonder Dress
The open cut out sheer look is hawt amongst the chica’s who have the rocking body and who love to show their toned waist line. Since the dress is edgy keep the look at a balance with simple patent platforms and basic jewels. Let the dress be your winning ticket to all those work out days.

Belted Cocktail Dresses from NUE by Shani

A LBD that offers a dramatic boost is always flattering like this style from Shani. The look is a womanly style but has a fierce approach that demands attention just by a walk in the room. The price is a high but the style will be a great look at weddings, corporate functions, engagement parties or for a host of a lavishing affair. The look is amazing so let your hair and accessories be the same.

Asymmetrical Flower Dress
Simple LBD with a bit of elegance makes the look very polish and we are feeling this. It’s a safe style that can be your signature LBD for formal occasions. If you want to make it glam it’s all in the jewels that make a showstopper statement.

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