Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion: Styles With A Kick

Styles With A Kick

Daniel Rainn Bobbie Tunic
Tunic’s have been on the scene for awhile now but the difference is the styles are becoming more trendy. Embroider details, ruffles, bright patterns and bold colors are the new styles of a simple tunic. This tunic can be a great style to add for a more dressy look.

Aryn K. Sequin Cardigan
Add some style while working your 9-5 with a bit of glitz. No matter how much you hate your 9-5 it’s a great feeling when you can look glamorous by adding just a bit of spice to your wardrobe. Looking good makes you feel good and sequins looks always shines in the day + night.

Tulle Short Tweed Blazer
Now is the time to add some color to your work look especially with a blazer. It’s great to have the pop and it really get’s you noticed. Great spring colors allows you to have fun and be a bit out going so do get up on this trend and ditch your simple black look.

Enzo Angiolini Cristle
Love this peep toe stiletto because it’s your signature black shoe with that extra something. It can work an all black white look or even make a all white flowing dress stand out in the summer. However you choose do wear these be convenience that others will want to know where you got them.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Little Ukita
A good white handbag is a must especially for fabulous functions. This white and gold combo is super gorgeous and can only be dolled for that event where you want to be seen. Never rock a white bag that cost top $$$ just on any day make it count!

Juicy Couture Love Your Couture - Duchess
If you love trendy styles for the spring + summer seasons the two handbags from Juicy Couture are right up your alley, it’s fun, trendy and a great casual look that’s playful!

Juicy Couture Silk Rugby Stripe Daydreamer Bag

Hive & Honey Crystal Double Finger Ring
Rings have become very big on drama these days and having a statement piece is what’s its all about. This blinged out style is perfect for the nigh owls, get your Jersey pump fist going.

Betsey Johnson Heart Bow Ring
A cute little gesture is what’s portrayed in this simple but elegant leopard style. I say rock this with a casual look in the mix with a basic jeans look. It will stand out more and look balanced.

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