Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Hair


Bangs Galore

New year, new hair style

The trend of full and fabulous hair is a massive trend and achieving that fullness for some maybe a far stretch due to much damage. The other option that you can consider is faking it like it’s yours! The hottest trend right now are sexy full bangs and every celebrity is rocking them proudly now let’s make sure you can join them with clip on bangs.

Blunt Bangs With Long LengthClip on bangs are very easy to apply and you can find them at affordable prices if you are on a budget like $9.99 at your local beauty supply store or stock up and get a great deal on eBay, there’s a ton of hair stores with wide selections.


How To Apply

1. Part your hair down the middle

2. Push hair behind your ears

3. Place clip on bangs in the front of your hair and apply the left side clip on the hair, than right side and than back side clip. Make sure the clips grab hold to a good portion of your hair so it has a secure hold.

4. Comb the hair into a style that works for you.



Below are a few e-bay listers that offered good styles, hope you find the perfect look and rock it hard!



Seller info

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New Girls Clip In 100% Human Hair Extension Chic Bangs


Seller info

Member id thee-shop


bangs human hair clips in extensions black sides long


Top-rated seller - opens in a new window or tab

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