Sunday, January 2, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Rules 18+ U.S resident

Please leave comments here or YouTube Channel + subscribe. You can always follow me on Twitter @glitterbuzzinfo

Contest ends 1/14/11




1. What is my fave color (5 entries)

2. What did I buy 3 pairs of (10 entries) ANSWERED CORRECT BY DESIGURL13

3. How many giveaways have I done (15 entries) ANSWERED CORRECT BY akirediamond1

4. What is my #1 fragrance that my mom hooked me on to (20 entries) ANSWERED CORRECT BY DESIGURL13

5. What magazine do I have displayed (25 entries) ANSWERED CORRECT BY akirediamond1


The first person who gets any of these questions correct will get the additional entries for the giveaway!

Good Luck!


~RuKii~ said...

hey this is DesiGuRl13 from youtube:)

(1)Black nd whhite

(2)you bought 3 pairs of heels

(3)u did 86 giveaway in ur blog and 30 on youtube (including the re-do's for the physician formula and the heels)

boolicious01 said...

cosmopolitan & glamour magazine are the magazines on ur table in one of your vids!

boolicious01 said...

a total of 30 give aways on youtube

boolicious01 said...

3 pair of shoes!!

Erika (akirediamond1) said...

Chanel #5 (perfume)
3 pair of heels
Cosmopolitan and glamour

boolicious01 said...

fav color black

boolicious01 said...

pink is ur fav color

boolicious01 said...

fav color is red

destroydj0503 said...

hi sweety @destroydj0503 here
#1 pink/hot pink
#2 you bought heels/leggings/and head bands
#3 is 86 giveaways
#4 chanel #5
#5 cosmo and glamour
i hope im right

~RuKii~ said...

did anyone get #1 correct yet?

destroydj0503 said...

in one of your new videos you had two magazines of glanour i hope im right please say i am lol much love girl xx

wilddreamer said...

#1 Fave color =pink
#2 3 pairs of shoes (2 BCBG and 1 Guess)
#3 On youtube 30 giveaways
#4 Chanel No5
#5 Glamour


Hope I got them right :)

~RuKii~ said...

i hope i win:)

~RuKii~ said...

im guessing blue as your fav color:)

~RuKii~ said...

still tryna figure out what ur fav color is ^-^

Chastity said...

My fave color is still open

boolicious01 said...

purple! fav color

wilddreamer said...

favorite color is cream.

Unknown said...

looks like eveyone is saying pink or black. Ima go with purple is ur fav color.

destroydj0503 said...

red i think much love xx


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