Saturday, January 1, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Giveaway on Guru-nyc earrings.
Rules 18+ US resident
Contest ends 1/14/11
Question: What makes you dazzle.
Leave a comment here OR  YouTube Channel + must be a subscriber Or RT on twitter @glitterbuzzinfo

1. Where do I love shopping at for my dresses.

2. At what store did I buy the leopard leggings.

Who ever answers first with both questions correctly will win a Swag Bag!


destroydj0503 said...

ok for #1 for where you love to shop for dresses is
and #2 for your leggings i would say joyce leslie i think i hope im right much love xx

destroydj0503 said...

#1 #2 rainbows i hope this counts i hope i win please o please much love to ya girl and happy new years.

Anonymous said...

The dresses from lulus and the leggins from forever21 :)

Erika (akirediamond1) said...

^^ Dresses from lulus and leggins from forever 21 (akirediamond1) :)

wilddreamer said...

You like to shop for your dresses at and the leggings are from Forever21 :) youtube/randumbtxter

Erykah~C said...

Question: What makes you dazzle ?
my personality :D
dress at
legging from forever21

destroydj0503 said...

ok if i dont win the swag bag i still love those earring lol much love xx

Cindyl0ul0u said...

My dazzle is not defined by the clothes I brands..or make up or any materialistic things..
But it all begins with...

1. When I wake up in the morning..the feeling of knowing that I was given a breath and another day to live meaning I have some kinda of purpose in life! Makes me feel dazzling! I walk around with a perky smile all day! Because I have a meaning in this life of mine.
2. Even when my confidence is to the lowest I have to remember confidence is all a woman should have to be dazzling. So i`ll began by telling myself how pretty I am (even if I don`t feel that way it still helps) and I own my imperfections. <<*#1 key to DAZZLE EVERY MORNIN`
3. Being greatful I am not the richest nor the poorest but being happy with what I have who I have and being a child of God makes me dazzling.

- - cindyl0ul0u on youtube!
Thanks for the oppurtunity! :)

iLiveLoveFashion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cindyl0ul0u said...

I am also subscribed to your blog my blog name is: iLiveLoveFashion Thanks again..for the oppurtunity! :)


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