Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Women’s Issues

Just wanted to do a small write up on this because I really felt sad hearing that Elizabeth Edwards was slowly dying and now she has passed. Not sure why I felt this way since I haven’t met her in my life but I guess with all of the issues surrounding her who wouldn’t feel a bit of pain and sadness for her.

I must say that we are strong women and we all hold the power to be this. With all things that come our way we are true fighters, we give our hearts and we give our love. We need to support each other and continue to be powerful and if their are others who cross you in life and throw you in a tangle of dismay, you will get through it because it’s a extra gift that we have. We can survive, pull through and gain more strength when the walls are up and down.

Rest In Peace.

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Amanda G said...

It made myself and many people in my family very sad to hear of her passing. It wasn't just who she was but what she was, another person who was taken by a horrible disease.

CPD said...

Yes, it's so sad. I'm still upset by her death.


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