Thursday, December 9, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Happy Holidays for those that need stylish heels, you can have mine! Rules: 18+ U.S resident. Just leave your comments on my blog or YouTube Channel. Contest ends 12/15/10 11:59 pm (est)




TANYA said...

Theres heels are super cute, I'd keep the printed ones for myself and give the black ones to my sister..I can't wear heels that are too high so these would be perfect..I'd love to win :)

Anonymous said...

those heels are soooooooo cute!!! i need shoes soooo badly, and like everyone else money is such a problem. i would love to win!!!
my email is

Amanda G said...

My feet are bigger than yours :( but my little sister has to dress for school like she would to an office job. I'd love the little kitten heels so I know she would. I don't think she could walk in the others, lol.

pegasusfeathers at


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