Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Rules: 18+ and U.S resident.
Leave a comment on my blog OR leave a comment on
YouTube Channel and you must subscribe, OR you can follow me on Twitter and retweet this giveaway @glitterbuzzinfo. Please leave creative comments, you can enter as much as you like! Good luck, chicas!
Contest ends 12/22/10 11:59pm (est)

Much thanks to Nicole E. at Robin Leedy Associates for making this giveaway possible!


TANYA said...

I would love to win these rollers, they look pretty awesome. I want to try out that Kardashian look (the long curls)

Amanda G said...

I miss my hot rollers! I wore the felt off mine (really, lol) and finally had to say goodbye to them. This set has more than mine did though, so nice!

pegasusfeathers at

luminarye said...

Alright, I'm just going to put one entry in for this contest, but I'd love to try and win this set. My hair is straighter than .. I don't know what! Let me tell you, I'll curl my hair, spray a little of this a lil of that- and then the curls fall out within I'd say about 4 hours. I sweat my curls out from dancing at prom back and June (however disgusting that sounds LOL!) Looked like a hot mess, oo lawdy. I really would like to try and win this and see if this can remedy my anti-curl problem! :) I just saw your review on the set and then found this contest, I'm wondering if these would help my tweed-like locks bounce back, if ya know what I mean! (This is your subscriber wtfrutalkingabout on youtube) Ah well, thanks for this opportunity ! :)

Erika (akirediamond1 from youtube) said...

Chasity your a great person for doing all these giveaways for your subscribers, i hope i win these hot rollers. Good luck to everyone.


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