Friday, December 24, 2010

Events: NJ Bloggers Event

Inside My New Jersey Bloggers Event


I want to thank those that came out and supported my event, I really appreciate that you are interested in making this bigger and better as more events are coming. For those of you that RSVP and didn’t show please learn how to cancel in a professional manner. I worked very hard on making sure their are enough swag bags, drinks and staff on hand, Whew now back to the show!

M1330001 The new addition of swag bags = new products from bare minerals + Clarins + Target!
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Tykisha (my assistant)

Meet The Blogger
Blog: twitter @MelxTheFlyStop
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M1330010  M1330003More Pink Swag
M1330013 Ladies in convo M1330014 Complimentary champagneM1330015
Meet The Blogger
Follow her on twitter @propertakedos.
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M1330017 M1330018   M1330026 M1330029 M1330030
Meet The Blogger
L. Angela R. Zoe
Zoe’s Blog:
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Angela is interested in becoming a blogger! Follow Angela @angelaplz and follow Zoe @bookishbelle

Special thanks again to all the bloggers and new blogger for attending, the next NJ Bloggers Event will be in April, those that are interested in being on the list send your info here so you will get the full details before it’s published! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Erika (akirediamond) said...

Im so jelous of the events wish it was here in Chicago.


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