Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Events: Sheckys Holiday Night Out


The event was live Wednesday night thru Friday and if you were with your BFF’s you were all attending Shecky’s Holiday Night Out. I was among the chicas bringing my little cousin out and my Mom who was still sick but with the will power she came out to see what all the hype was, so lets recap!

   M1320053  The place was the Altman Building which was a great location and was very roomy inside, I hope it’s going to be the standard place I loved the location!! Wednesday night was not super packed it was very comfortable and easier to mingle.

M1320049I did grab my first and only drink of the night it was a peach passion fruit mix I believe, I was waiting for that delicious sangria but it wasn’t cold enough so I missed out! (Thanks, bartender!!)
M1320010Ladies were shopping getting their laughs on with there friends and from meet up groups so happy that this event can bring many women together for good times!M1320011  M1320013  M1320050 My little cousin looking glam with her MAC!M1320016 The crowd was at this table Skinny Billionaires, wish I was actually one! LOL
M1320048M1320017 M1320018 The jewelry was insane I was going crazy because this time around I decided I was going to work more and not shop But I was so tempted to do it.
M1320019 The prices were so reasonable there was no reason why anyone couldn’t find great deals.
M1320020 M1320021  M1320023 M1320024 M1320025 M1320026 M1320027 M1320028 M1320030 M1320031 M1320032 My fave was there again rescue water it’s so delicious!!
M1320033 Ladies taking photos with Santa a huge it, I was going to but I chicken out!
M1320034 M1320035 M1320036 Pretty accessories were all over the venue I was dying to rack up!
M1320037 M1320038 M1320039 M1320040 M1320041 M1320046My family (thanks mom for coming-love u)M1320042 Hats and wigs too, you found it all at this event.M1320043  M1320047 Same drink and still having a fabulous time!!

Here is video snippets of the event I was able to meet Gabrielle Bernstein author of Add More Ing To Your Life ( I have a her book as well) and 12 Pack from I Love New York was making the drinks… I was like Whoa!

Special thanks to my fave chicas at Shecky’s Cait R. + Jessica F. and also thanks for supporting me and my blog and allowing me to bring my trendy style to Sheckys.com. Let’s keep making it happen in 2011, Happy Holidays!!

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