Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: Athletic Gear


A you a work out girl or getting yourself ready to squeeze in that holiday party or New Years Eve dress? Make sure you’re doing it in style with these lady inspired looks.

adilibria Cover Up

$75.00 $60.00 Now on sale you can have style and also comfort. Perfect for a quick run just add your glittery scarf and beret!

Classic Yoga Pant


Who says yoga pants can’t be sexy, I am loving the added pop of blue, get’s you motivated to start a workout. Well kind of!


Reebok RunTone Action


Stylish sneakers with a touch of girly pink is a great fashion statement, be happy to kick off the heels and relax the feet in these!


Fleece Yoga Pants

SALE $29.50

Work up a sweat on the treadmill with this fuzzy fleece pants, I think it’s also great for a Sunday night movie look as well.


With a touch of style in your wardrobe make sure you keep everything else on point with these Everstride products!

To maintain those cute toes  Pro Therapy Foot TreatmentEverStride Pro Therapy Foot Treatment (6 oz., SRP: $20)

Ladies apply twice a day, this high-performance conditioning foot cream will get you up and running in no time. Your go to necessity for preventing blisters, chafing, calluses, and loaded with essential vitamins, tannic acid and natural oils.


To help keep your skin looking smooth


Anti Chafing Sport StickEverStride Anti-Chafing Sport Stick (1.7oz, SRP: $15)

This stick helps relieve irritated skin with this moisturizing sport stick. The Anti-Chafing Sport Stick targets heels, inner thighs and inner arms, creating a smooth barrier protecting skin from further damage.


To keep your feet germ free


Fungus RX DefenseEverStride Fungus Rx Defense (1 oz, SRP: $18)

Get read of that Fungus! This treatment kills germs and cures fungal infections, including Athletes Foot and Ringworm.



Special thanks to Maryjane K. at EFG for the samples!

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