Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Events: Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics at Shecky's


At Shecky’s Beauty Night Out event in NYC, Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics table was the place to get discounted makeup.
This table was the only place where the makeup was discounted so everyone could afford to rack up on beauty products.
In my previous post you see I purchased a few items, check back for my full review on the items.Luxury Cosmetics Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics founder and creator, Shawna Dorego, is a New York City native. The former high school science teacher used her background and a passion for makeup, fashion and beauty trends to transform her career. In 2007 Shawna designed and launched Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics-a bold line of lip gloss, eyeliners and mineral shades that make eyes and lips sparkle.Jaguar
untitledjLook for Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics at Shecky’s Holiday Event it’s going to be a blast as usual. But for now check them on their official site and follow them on Twitter!

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