Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Hosting A Event

When being a hostess of an event it’s your job to look fabulous, the decor is not the only thing that you need to be worried about. The people will be looking at you and if your style game isn’t correct, honey you will know about it.

Check out these dresses that cause them to give you a standing ovation!

Fire and Ice Red One Shoulder DressFire and Ice Red One Shoulder Dress $43

Red grabs attention but this red is a bit softer giving it a classier approach, a simple studded earring and simple bracelet with gorgeous strappy shoes makes this a great look for the hostess.

Fire and Ice Red One Shoulder DressThe back gives a tasteful sex appeal letting them know, you know how to be daring as well.

Sequined Cocktail Dresses by Scala $138.00

If you are the party girl who loves to be social this theme is for you, the more glitz the better. Be over the top they expect it from you so go all out in the accessories and makeup. Don’t let them down.

One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses by Atria $138.00

If you know your a bad you know what, you will own this dress. This is the hostess that knows her event is fabulous all the way and when she walks in the room you will know it. Your earrings and shoe game better be admirable because this hostess wants to feel like she’s the only girl in the world.

A product thumbnail of Wavy Sequin Dress

Wavy Sequin Dress $64

If you’re all about making sure your guest have a good time go for the playful look. A highest heel is all you need to really give this hostess dress a kick. It’s flirty and the best thing you can do is grab a martini and enjoy a laugh because to you it’s your party and the fun starts when your guest toast it up, cheers!


For the hostess that’s all about being the sexiest in her spot, you will look for something a bit more revealing then most. This gives you enough sex appeal that a color like white still shows you can be tamed and pure. Best bet is to keep a natural look on the face, rock a gorgeous in “your face” ring and embellished shoes.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Illusion Bodice Ruched Sheath Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA Illusion Bodice Ruched Sheath Dress $228

There is a hostess out there that still wants to follow the rules of the black dress, so with that said take it up a notch. A black dress is the most common color that women tend to wear so if you do wear it make sure yours sets you apart from the crowd, because it’s still your event. A patent leather stiletto and gorgeous tear drop earrings in black keeps this LBD look fresh to death!

BCBGMAXAZRIA Illusion Bodice Ruched Sheath Dress

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