Tuesday, August 10, 2010


E.L.F Nail Polish
Color: Sunset $1

I really like this color, I'm rocking it today and it's fabulous. It's also a great transition for the fall season when the browns are back in effect.
On the website it appears as a lilac purple shade but most of the images are usually lighter than the actual color. I love this shade I'm glad it has a smooth finish giving it a gorgeous appearance. e.l.f has a lot of new colors out right now and I have two more to try so check back to see how my nails look.

I love these blushes the colors are a girls best friend and they're totally worth the $3 and more. I heart the fuchsia fusion, the color is a pretty pink with shimmer sparkles that are so over the top. Perfect night out theme with your chicas.

Special thanks to Erin D. and Corey C. for these fabulous samples a big fave on my "IT" list! xoxo Blue Sky Communications!

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