Monday, August 16, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle: My Recent Obsession

Chinese Laundry Women's Hide And Seek Platform Bootie $88.95
While out for dinner and killing some time until my reservation I saw these cute booties that I was about to purchase but had to check myself. I was there for dinner, drinks and some giggles- so maybe I can at least window shop. So that's what I did but I couldn't stop raving and thinking about these Chinese Laundry shoes. For this price it's a joke to me I think shoes are one of the most important accessories and when you see a great style at a excellent price buy it. So this week I am going to try them on to make sure I can fiercely walk it out. Because as I approached the big 30 I learned that if you can only rock your showstopper heels for a sit down affair it ain't worth the purchase. Ladies we want to be able to walk in our heels while shopping, dancing, flirting and etc... So take that into consideration!

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Cynthia @ said...

Those boots (can I call them that?) are definitely fierce. I saw a similar pair @ Bakers called Hidee $79. In fact, they look just the same.

Be sure to post pics if you get them :)


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