Friday, July 16, 2010


Lulu's has the latest styles that fashionista's love and the prices are affordable as well. Check out what trends should be on your radar!

Bamboo Colada 01 Natural Go GaGa Platform Pump $31 Platform pumps are super ideal for all the shorty rock's out there and this look pushes forces with heights. Perfect to blend well with those skinny jeans or a bandage dress that's halts the ultimate squeeze.

Foreign Diplomat Dress in Taupe $38

This style is elegant and also can be great at the nightclub or plush lounge. The color works well with any skin tone and the flow of the dress cause for a night of Beyonce dancing and Samantha flirty action.

Bamboo Colada 01 Red Faux Suede Go GaGa Platform Pump $31 Red pumps can't get any sexier than this, a red dress isn't even a must these platforms alone will cause an instant attraction.

Lumber Jill Coat by Tulle $79 Summer's still present but the Fall season is on it's way, why not be ready with this fabulous plaid trench coat. Just think of all the hottest boots that will work with it, I'm up to 30.

Anne Michelle Colada 06 Black Ruffle Rage Faux Suede Heel $33 These black shoes should be your glam accessory when rocking a killer style, the detail on this is untouchable and the price, Hello!

Hear Me Roar Dress $34 You know you love this dress and the sheer on the back makes you want it even more, simply GORGEOUS.
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michelle hay said...

I have the Anne Michelle pumps in grey


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