Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Glossy Lip Tint


With 25 shades in its collection and a ton of faves selling out there's something lip worth about Becca's Glossy Lip Tints.

If you like your lips shiny with that high impact glossy effect than you're on the right track.

Color: Cherry Bomb

Looks like a retro red but has nice blends of red/orange. It's a pretty shade and looks so much better on.

Color: Maraschino
A gorgeous red that catches the eye immediately, the shade isn't too overwhelming it's just right.

Color: Mimosa
This my personal fave maybe because I adore a Mimosa in real life as well. This color has a natural look so it's perfect for a day and night time attraction. As soon as I applied I knew I would be rocking it a few days a week.

For $23 you can have a excellent lip tint that you know gives you luscious lips. Save your daring colors for special occasions or for everyday go with a basic shade and be fabulous!

Special thanks to Lindsey C. at Behrman Communications for the samples!

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