Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends


Victory is Mine Dress
Why We Love It: It's a great LBD and can be extra bold with pop heels, a classic look.

Pandrosia Dress
Why We Love It: The sex appeal speaks for itself, its trendy and a perfect night out style.

Wine & Cheese Party Skirt
Why We Love It: The lace and zipper gives it highest praise, very flattering with a ruffle blouse.

Le Diamant Dress in Cream
Why We Love It: It gives us that Madonna, Gaga and Rihanna feel. Perfect party girl dress for a fun night.

Appeal to the Ref Dress
Why We Love It: It's sexy from top to bottom, a great price and a showstopper.

Joy Division Dress
Why We Love It: The color alone is super gorgeous and the simple details make this dress very classy.

Animal Collective Dress
Why We Love It: It's can be a sizzling cocktail night out look and also be dazzled for brunch. Major accessories will really glam it up for that extra spice.

Waterslide Bangles
Why We Love It: The color is great for summer and it goes well with whites, gold and silver styles.

Banana Bobby Handbag in Black
Why We Love It: So many trendy details makes it admirable. I love the black and gold theme and the tassel give it it's fashion statement.

Diamond Disco Dress
Why We Love It: It's different and noticeable. Pearls would really bring it out and give you your own creative spin on this dress.

Jewel Me Once Necklace
Why We Love It: The multi-colored jewels can be workable for any outfit, giving it much needed attention for a wow look.

Like a Heat Wave Dress
Why We Love It: I love the top on this dress it flows well and it looks so pretty.

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