Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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JANET:Long or Short

Most women when they reach a certain age they want a new style or transformation. This could be a new wardrobe with styles that they've never imagined wearing, a visit to the plastic surgeon to enhance a few things that have lost it's elastic or chopping off the locks and feeling free.

When it comes to hair women love to have it looking good at all times it's the one thing that makes us feel beautiful and confident. But as we get older it seems that it becomes less important and our confidence over powers what we thought made us. As we hit the breaking point in our lives many of us are chopping it off and could careless about the long lengths we wanted to maintain to feel sexy. Because at the end of the day whether it's long or short, blond or grey we are still fabulous and hair can't change that!

Love Janet's new look!

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