Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Things You Can Afford

Kayla Platform Pumps
These can be your signature black sandals for the summer season, it works well with short minis, leggings and your stylish jeans. The price is right so you can still purchase a second pair of shoes for a few extra bucks!

Skyler Platform Heels

Navy blue heels are super sexy if you can walk in these I say buy it while it's hot.
Military Linen Blend Short
A great way to show those legs, rock them out with gorgeous heels or a simple flat during the day.

Turn up your creativity style in this polka dot mini, play it safe with all black.

Reta Japanese Blossom Heels

Get wild with these trendy heels add a floral clutch or ring for that extra wow factor.

Shoulder Peak Dotted Dress
A simple dress that can be slipped on and still look fabulous without much needed accessories.

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