Thursday, April 1, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends


Glamour Mini Skirt $125
Add that glam to this skirt with a sparkle chain belt or a simple but gorgeous brooch. It will really bring out the skirt and than it will be GLAMOURS!

Fringe Tank Top $245
It's flirty and can be rocked with anything perfect pairing for jeans and leggings.

Smoke Inside Stripe Leggings $95
I love the cool silver and black theme. Rocking these with clogs it must be a L.A thing? Keep it sizzling with your sexiest stilettos and a fierce top that's flirty.

House Of Harlow $125
I love the style of theses shades, its a perfect signature shade and the two tone combo fits well.

Paris Hilton Limited Edition $150
I love that in your face pop of pink, I only wish that she added some dazzle to the sunglasses just a bit. Over all it's fun.

OMG Clutch $30
If you want to make a statement here it is.

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