Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Juice Beauty
Green Apple Peel $39

I heard the buzz on Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel and I had to see what all the hype was, now I can finally explained it.

I tried the Green Apple Peel for 3 weeks because to me using a product for a at least 2- 3 weeks that's when you really see results and improvements and of course I did.

I applied the peel on my face ( I did a test on the back of my ear which is highly recommended before usage), there is a mild tingling sensation but nothing that is uncomfortable. I let it sit for 10-15 minutes before I washed it off. The results I notice right after the first wash, my skin was definitely smoother and soft. Also it's best to apply this product at night because I applied it in the morning and my beautiful pimples that seem to love my face did swell up a bit. (Not cute)

Below are images taken after I used the peel on my face I will admit that it states to use it once a week but I decided that 2-3 times a week was suitable for me. It maybe too much for you so take it at your own pace.

The apple peel really helps to exfoliate the skin, improve the texture and help with uneven skin tone. For me it worked for well for all of that. In all of these images I'm not wearing foundation maybe a gloss in a few because I noticed that taking a break from the pile up of foundation helps with keeping your skin looking beautiful.

Last week of peeling and I am very happy with the results if only my blemishes would completely go away. (But that's another review in the making)

I noticed my skin is much brighter and I am 100% confident without wearing making because I know my skin has a natural glow and looks nourished. Keeping the face moisturized is the best thing for the summer season.

Last day after applying peel. Again no make up on just gloss and it looks great!

I would recommend this product it works and the results are really amazing. There is another Apple Peel that's Full Strength but I think going for the Sensitive peel would be more ideal.

Special thanks to Rosalind Hopper at Juice Beauty for the samples, I really enjoyed this product it's so amazing!!

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