Monday, March 15, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Chic Styles

A chic style is comfortable, non glamorous, friendly and very fresh. We found some amazing pieces that represent a chic stylish chica.

Long Island Cardigan $148 Color: Lawn
How To Rock This: This is a perfect color for the warm season, add your nice white pants and a cute white embellished top. The cardigan is the chic piece that gives it extra style. You can still rock your 3 inch heels or a trendy set of comfortable flats.

Favourite Crew Neck Cardigan $74 Color: Sealion Leopard
How To Rock This: An all white look would be ideal (basic white tee, capri pants) the cardigan is so gorgeous you only need something very simple. If you want to dress it up a bit add a glitzy brooch on the shoulder for an early dinner glam night out.

Favourite Jersey Dress $98 Color: Pink Painted Floral
How To Rock This: A dress that gives comfort and stability is a must have especially on those off days. A cute wedge or your flashy flats will do the trick. Add a extra size tote for a wilder effect, try embracing a navy color if you want to be natural.

Embellished Sateen Dress $148 Color: Lemon Curd
How to Rock This: If you're going to go bold you better go hard. This is very beautiful and playing with additional pop colors can be daring but good. A simple necklace would be pretty, nude colors are also best if too much bold isn't a option. Avoid blacks and whites, it would be such a let down on a chic style.

Fun Dress $138 Color: Rhubarb
How To Rock This: These are casual dresses with some great stylish details. They can be casual and than they can be glam with the right set of heels. A cardigan is the perfect way to wear with these dresses during the day, at night show off the arms, wear you signature heels and rock your diva bag.
Color: Cream
Great colors to compliment the look are lavender and silver.

ButterFly Slingback Flats $118 Color: Honeydew
How To Rock This: These are your signature flats and comfort shoe. They have major style, color attraction and no matter what your feet will love you.
Color: Dark Turquoise
This is the perfect slingback to slip on after partying at your favorite lounge, or running to catch your train after working in heels all day.
Color: Pewter Metallic
All the colors are beautiful the Pewter Metallic is my favorite it can mix with any color.

Canvas Bag $58 Color: Chalk
How To Rock This: It's a great casual bag, it's fun and stylish. Perfect for shopping days in your basic denim.

Fabulous Clutch $98 Color: Periwinkle
How To Rock This: It's a glam clutch that comes in a variety of colors but you must rock it as a pop color that's the idea. Don't match it with your outfit off set it and let the fabulousity vibe linger.

Uptown Tote $228 Color: Tan
How To Rock This: Spending money on a good tote is a must. This color is great for your tans, nudes and natural themes and it also gives you some flavor. Great combo for tunics, jersey dresses and linens pants.

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