Friday, March 26, 2010

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Mineral Hygienics

I had the pleasure of trying out Mineral Hygienics after being very curious about their mineral products. With the rise of mineral makeup growing into a huge trend trying to find the perfect brand comes with excellent quality, choices and results. Check out why Mineral Hygienics is the latest in mineral makeup.

Here is my natural look before heading to a check out a swimwear collection, no makeup on at all.

Mineral Hygienics has a wide range of shades that will help you get the right color for your skin tone, I used their Dark Golden Tan Sheer Foundation $25 for my face. When applying the sheer foundation I notice a difference right away it wasn't flaky and it didn't have that strong matte effect that looks dried out at times. It looked very smooth and my color looked a bit brighter.

Also Mineral Hygienics Silk Translucent which I didn't apply in this application (rushing) is perfect to use before putting on your foundation to cover any blemishes, wrinkles and large pores. I did however use it later in the week and it worked amazing so do use it before hand.

This process really sealed the deal for me because I only added their Warm Kiss Bronzer $20 and it really took my face to another level. I applied the bronzer on my forehead, on my cheeks and chin and I loved the results. I didn't apply additional blush because it wasn't needed. The bronzer comes in two shades the other is called Cool Kiss $20 which is a soft pink.

After adding my basic eye shadow a simple sheer white, black mascara and a berry lipstick my look was complete.

There is one additional thing that I must add, when applying foundation it's best to balance the cover for a natural effect. So do apply the foundation lightly on the ears, neckline, chest area if you're wearing a little plunge. I also take it further by applying it on my arms, elbows, knees and legs. It gives it a smooth and flawless look and that celebrity airbrush appeal as well.

Mineral Hygienics has three great brushes that worked well for applying Full Coverage Kabuki $28 Brush, Light Coverage Chisel Powder $22 Brush and the Wonder Concealer $20 Brush all work well when applying for your beauty face.

So check out the hype on Mineral Hygienics they have amazing eye shadows and lipsticks colors that are very appealing and you will be a fan just like us!

Special thanks to Tyler H. at Mineral Hygienics for the samples, this product rocks!

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