Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends


Victoria's Secret.com

We are head of the game because we know even though it's cold outside, the weather will be getting warmer, hotter and our wardrobe better on point!

Libby Edelman Cut out pump $69

This is a great pick because the heel is a great size for comfort on your toes, heels and arches. These colors add that bold fashion statement so try to go all out and buy the yellow or the blue.

Chinese Laundry

Platform strap pump $99
I love Chinese Laundry a lot and this price is a huge bargain, if you can walk in these go for it. This shoe is all around sexy and the straps on the ankles are a great addition to the design.

Peep-toe slingback bootie $118
Victoria's Secret's Colin Stuart Collection has stepped their game up on these. Usually the styles are amazing but the product materials are made cheaply. This one is of a higher price so maybe they've changed and started using quality material. I love the fringe style it's perfect for the summer season and the color is great with everything especially white. Buy it and if you don't like it VS is super easy with returns.

Bling toe sandal $39.50
When it comes to flip flops and casual looking sandals I say stack up on the trends. I believe that you can't rock the same ones like last year, it's a trend that changes all the time. Pick a few one's you really like that are inexpensive and buy a few that are perfect to last for 2-3 seasons but expect to pay at least $50+ on them. These are an average price so rock them now why their hot!

Sequin blazer

This trend will never go out of style. When deciding on a gorgeous blazer look for the best material that will last a long time. This is a black sequins blazer you can where it with anything casual or dressy and you will still be gorgeous. If you're on a budget buy the cheap one for now but do save for one that is sturdy. This one has enough flash that it's worth saving in your piggy bank. Rock it with a dress, jeans, shorts etc...

Exposed zipper jersey dress $88

This dress sizzles, and even though it comes in black the blue is the dress. Make it your business to flaunt it in this dress. Don't forget the bronzer and a touch of glow on your back, arms and elbows.

NEW! Ruched Convertible Dress $69
This dress is wonderful you can't go wrong in it because you can rock so many looks in your lifetime.
Comes with how-to-wear instructions for all the styles and of course your creative ideas. The material has polyester/spandex matte jersey so you know this will enhance those curves and you're good!

• Slim fit
• Ruched on sides
• Drapey matte jersey has a smooth, polished texture
• Machine wash. Tumble dry.

Can be worn in a variety of styles, including:
• Strapless
• V-neck
• Cross-back
• Double-strap one-shoulder
• One-shoulder
• Halter
• Knotted-strap halter
• Twist-front halter
• Twist-around
• Back-braided

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