Monday, February 22, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Hair

Smooth 'N' Shine

I ditched my regular leave in conditioner to try Smooth 'N' Shine's Leave-In-Treatment Conditioner $4 and I liked the results. I really like the fact that this had coconut oil in it so the aroma was amazing! This conditioner is great on your scalp and it helps with any breakage that you may have from the weather or the flat irons. I actually have limit my blow dry, curler and flat iron usage to once a month. And it is the best thing that you can do to keep your hair looking healthy. This product is great for African American women because it helps soften the texture but any woman can use it and get the same results as well. The results leave your hair soft, bouncy and healthy looking!

You can buy this product at your local drugstore.

Special thanks to Lauren S. at Creative Media Marketing for the samples

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