Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Holiday Gift Guide
Lulu's under $50

We know this holiday season a bargain is key and on every one's mind so why not let us give you the scoop on a few great trends on the cheap.

Monroe Necklace in Gold $31 Looking for something a bit flashy this gorgeous necklace can add that sparkle to your outfit.

Speakeasy Hat in Taupe
$22.00 Can't deny a great looking hat. Add this on your list and she will love.

Sive Princess Ring $11 Accessories are the extra factor that dress up an outfit. This sliver ring works will with a classy look and your casual days as well.

Courtesian Coordinate Earrings $11 For the inner rockstar in you. Bring out your black and golds and play it up in these edgy earrings.

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