Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Kim wants her man!

So, Kim knew what she was doing when her PR team asked her to go to a charity event in New Orleans, I'm sure they wanted to create that star power buzz and they're good because we're talking!

Kim Kardashian was at the charity event dress for success side note:( those ladies must have gotten the hottest dresses) in Louisiana, it turns out Reggie was there as well for training camp and it must be fate, right?

Kourtney let the her words flow by saying "My mom said she was going to his training camp and bringing him back"! Sounds pretty planned to me.

Kim must be a bit jealous that her sis is getting some shine and now the pregnancy is making her extra fab!
I think Kim and Reggie are cute together but if he wants to come home he knows exactly where Kim is.

To the women out there:

Fighting for your true love is cool but it's even better when in return they do the same for you. Not a hair color change, a baby or crying game will make his arrival faster. Showing him that you're in control of your life and that you're not completely distraught will make him think about wanted you again but it has to be on his terms. And if you're dating socially, its always a factor in a man's ego!

Good luck Kim!

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