Monday, August 24, 2009

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I'm into Clinique

As the summer days come close to an end I began to lust over a few items from Clinique.

Has the best blends of the pinks shades that we love. I not only use it as a enhancing face powder under my foundation, I love it as a blush too. The Powder Brush $30 is also perfect with the compact because the brush is shapely done in a couture way. It's worth buying the face Powder since you can use it on your face and cheeks, the brush completes the set but $30 can be pricey if you're already splurging.

I love the creamy texture it goes on so smoothly and the complete look of your eyes will look amazing. I have been wearing this alone around my eyes and it makes your eyes stand out and pop naturally. The color choices are excellent for my skin type it blends in perfectly. The con about this product is that its a limited edition so racking up is a must!

To see why I'm so into Clinique check out a few products that may cause a chain reaction

Free shipping on purchases $60
Special Thanks to Megan M.B. at Clinique for all the samples, you're the best!

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