Friday, January 30, 2009

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Lip Ink

The new sensation that will have your lips looking fabulous everyday. Lip Ink provides women with their most important attributes the lips, brows, eyes, face and lashes and guranteeds sheer wax free, smearless, natural herbal, vegan, kosher and water proof cosmetic color. Can you believe it actually works!

GlitterBuzzStyle was able to test this product and see what the buzz was about here is what our reviewer Vanessta 49 thought of Lip Ink.

"I tried the Lip Ink Sampler kit which seems to be the most popular, it includes 2 lip colors of your choice, 1 shine applicator, 1 off vial and an off refill.

I did the complete steps that were provided in the kit but I did them more than once because I wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly.

After getting all the information and understanding the process I slowly saw the product working. The first application was a bit tingly but I knew that it was doing its job.

I loved the color of my lips and the more I applied the stronger the effect of color showed. For me Lip Ink lasted from 12:00pm until about 9:45pm (because I was done with my day) I was able to eat, drink and not worry about any issues with my color. I would love to try other products from Lip Ink since this one worked well for me."
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Special thanks to Matt M at Lip Ink!!

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