Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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Well I know that summer is still sizzling and things are still hot but I would like to go much deeper into what we all can expect next season.

The Prada Fall Collection is in full effect and the handbags that I have peeped are so trendy you will be wanting to rock them now!

Nappa Ruffled Clutch $1,695.00

The color is perfect for the those cozy days and nights. I love the unique style about this clutch which looks more like a tote bag to me. It stands out and has that admirable feel to it.

Royal Calf Clutch $1,060.00

Now we all the know the color is amazing! This is perfect for a dinner night out with a great black sheer blouse and a pencil skirt and let's not forget those killer patent leather pumps you bought last winter. The clutch makes a heavy statement but adding a bit of extra spice like a massive ring on the middle finger will give you the ultimate power!

Vitello Daino Tote $1,095.00

So you think color is out this Fall? Think again! Forget what the experts say on color! Color isn't just meant for summer, color is a feeling that makes you happy and makes any outfit pop. If you are bold and full of personality wearing color is a natural thing for you. For those ladies who fear that bold is a No the best thing to do is pair bright colors with colors you do like! So if black is what you enjoy wear it but allow the color to stand out! The best color for this bag to me is black but any color will do as long as it doesn't look like it's clashing. Be daring it's only a purse!

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