Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reviews: Lancome Fall Collections

These last couple of days I have kept my eye on all things that are coming our way very soon. And now more popular Fall trends are showing up and I'm loving every minute of it.

With the Fall approaching and the fashion gear in full effect, a lady has to have the right glow to make her feel like the goddess she is. Lancome has made my days even better by launching an amazing new product that has me head over heels.

Maharani Jewels!

Brief Bio:
The collection pays homage to India and is a reflection of the country’s alluring colors and elaborate designs. 2008 Fall Collection
Juicy Tubes Maharani Jewels
Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss $18.00
The lipgloss is right up my alley. It has a bit of sparkle and the best shine ever. The color Autumn Jasmine looks very sheer with a perfect touch of pink elements. This Juicy tube is a good look and I love the way it looks on me! Plus pink is a girl's best friend!Poudre Elephant Teint
Bronzer PowderSun of India
$36.50The elephant bronzer is my favorite thing right now. I keep wearing it everyday and I have lefted my other brand alone. The colors are perfect for my skin tone and it gives me the perfect glow and sex appeal I like. I even stopped using my foundation because the bronzer is more than enough for that perfect summer look. This bronzer is great for now and even better for the Fall! I am enjoying this product 100% and I'm not sharing! Sorry!
The style and design is so cute and also very elegant.
Make sure you try it out or better yet but it now!
***limited-edition collection
Thanks Erin for the great samples, I loved each of them!

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