Friday, July 11, 2008

Reviews: Ricky's Hair

Ricky's Hair Care was on my radar for the Fourth of July holiday.

Ricky’s Hair

Bungee cords, I love the idea of this product a true buy!
I thought it was very easy to make a ponytail definitely very simple and comfortable. It's not as tight but it holds very well. Buns also work well with them too.

The roller set didn't give me enough glam like I was expecting. I'm not sure if it was the size I tried. The purple rollers gave a more larger curl and it wasn't working out on me. But the funny thing about the rollers were Ricky’s Stainless Duckbill Clips (which is used to hold the rollers together) I actually used to pin my hair back in many funky styles. A few of my friends like my new trend and wanted to buy them to do the same. I guess it worked out well in another way!

My favorite piece that I'm still wearing is the headband. I cannot stop wearing this. Its the best headband ever. It feels so comfortable and it looks good. The staff wasn't happy there was only one but I was extremly happy and I still am.

To find locations near you go to and get on this trend!

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