Friday, June 20, 2008

Facial Treatments with Lisa Hoffman

Looking for facial treatments so easy you can do at home or if you are planning a mini vacation you can have a few kits in your large hobo bag. Well Lisa Hoffman is the talk of the town because her facial products are what media is raving about! So you know I had to get the scoop on this latest buzz and fill you in!

A few facial kits were sent over to the office and the ladies were all excited to dive in and try out this product. At first we were a bit confused with the steps of the facial but inside there is a pamphlet that explains the steps to follow and each tube is numbered as well. My first impression was the look of the packaging very chic, simple but perfect for the element for this product.

I had four ladies ages 22-48 try the product and this is what was stated:

Melissa R. 41The Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial was a refreshing surprise. Beginning with step one; the purifying cleanser and working my way to step three; the clay mask, I felt as though my skin appeared soft and radiant. By the time I had reached step 10, my face felt rejuvenated. It was as though I had been to a professional spa. I would recommend this product to women of any age that want to feel the beauty of younger looking skin!

Amy B. 25
I found the process very easy and short to do. I have dry skin and this product made my skin feel hydrated. I really loved the lip moisturizer, it was my favorite!

Ritz CL. 22
I really liked the product it was easy and quick to use. It didn’t have a bad smell like some other facial products I have used. The lip moisturizer smelled so good! That was a definite favorite of mine. Overall my face was soft, refreshed and smooth. I will use it again!

Stephanie D. 48
I get facials very often and I tried this product knowing I had an appointment in three days and I cancelled that appointment! Lisa Hoffman worked very well for my skin making me think twice about paying at the salon but instead doing it in the comfort of my own home. My face felt smooth and my skin looked clear. This product is worth buying for any woman looking for a real product that works!

Well with all the great reviews you know you must try it out. My mom (Stephanie) loved the Lisa Hoffman product so much she grabbed the extra kit we had. And mother’s always knows best!

Get your facial packette at
Spa Facial Packette $35.00

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