Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion: Nolcha Fashion Week 2013 Pt.1

Nolcha Fashion Week kicked off with top emerging designers that brought the fashion in full force. This is part 1 of the recaps which showcases designs from Designers: Mikailee Alton, Tess Johnson, The Vanity Project (with shoes by Cat Footwear) and Dos Caras Swimwear. The video highlights key styles from each designers collection, details on the garments, close up shots of the beauty looks and hairstyles on the models. Plus enjoy interviews with the designers behind Dos Caras Swimwear, Brandon Monokian and Briella Calafiore from Glam Fairy give me the scoop on their new play Grimm Women.
The Scene
A037-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IE3V2489-0062
A026-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IMG_1017-0007
A028-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IMG_1028-0009

A018-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IE3V2242-0053
A036-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IE3V2484-0061
A025-NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2013-021313-IMG_1012-0006
Special thanks to Alyson Campbell Roy at AMP3 Public Relations for all my press info and the invites ; ). Much thanks to Aida Soria and Syncletica Maestas for the interview, your swimwear collection is amazing. Also much thanks to Brandon Monokian can’t wait to see the play in Philly. And my girl Briella Calafiore thanks for the fun convo like always, see you soon superstar!


CosmeticCrazy said...

GREAT pics!

Unknown said...

During the intro and the interview, the music is playing and everything else is mute.

Unknown said...

That hair style is fierce !


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